I would like to tell you how I am feeling today. To do that we have to go way back to July 1982, the finals of the World Championship Football, Italy vs. Germany... Tardelli’s goal! He screamed over the whole field... YESSSSSS!
Well, that’s how I feel today!

We’ve come together today so that I can introduce you to my passion for Italy. To introduce you to my family, La Famiglia Bongiorno.

It all started in 2009. We were trying to think of a name for my company. But there was no better name than my name... a good morning always begins in the morning, not in the evening, not in the afternoon.
It begins in the morning... buongiorno!

And I had a passion... my greatest passion was Italy.
So it was simple: We put the Italian tricolore in a heart that is pure and whole.
Wel guys, whoa, that was awesome! Unbelievable!

Then we began our search for THE Pure Italian Taste. Because I wanted everyone, and I mean everyone, to get to know La Famiglia Bongiorno. The Pure Italian Taste.

So we set off to Napoli. Wooooow! Napoli!
Most would have said I was crazy. But no, not a Bongiorno..
We sought out the best, the BEST lemons on the market. And we used them to make our Limoncello, to this day it’s finger-licking good.

But I wanted a second liqueur, because why would I have just one? So we went searching, looking.
Oooh the wonderful skitrips we made!... and where other than Italy?
And all we drank there was Fragoline...
Yessss, Vincenzo... look hard!
The best wild strawberries, making the best combination... and there it was: Fragoline di Bongiorno!

But something was missing... the Famiglia Bongiorno was missing its core, the deepest of depths of a love for a country and for family.
And where did I find it?

Well, I departed the plane in Palermo, I swear it was 20 degrees... and once felt the ground under my feet, I knew that I had to introduce something that honored Sicily and my father.
Woooow! Giuseppe Bongiorno, the man who travelled from Sicily to Belgium, with only a box, to make a better life for us.

It didn’t take long, we searched a bit, ... left, right, ... looked around, tasted.
Until one morning, one beautiful morning, in Taormina... Guys in the most beautiful place in the world, on a little terrazzo, a breathtaking, curly-haired Sicilian woman, offered me fresh orange juice for breakfast.
I said ‘sure’ and what I got... was red orange juice. Woooow! That is pretty, AND delicious!!

The lady told me she had a few orange trees in her garden... she said ‘ why don’t you come and take a quick look’... Taroccos, Sanguinellos! Unbelievable!

But, as is typical Siciliansold back, within 20 minutes I was standing at the foot of the Etna in the midst of a tree nursery and plantation full of Sanguinellos and Taroccos!
They were so good! And beautiful!
That’s what I want! This is worthy of the Bongiorno name.

We immediately started the production of Don Pepé.
Giuseppe Bongiorno, that was the family man, the man that brought everyone together, who never let an occasion pass without celebrating.

And this was a celebration! I couldn’t have used anything better on my bottle than Don Pepé himself.
I wanted to bring the sicilian celebration into your lives and bringing Sicily to Belgium was not an easy task!
So, what did we do? We brought Don Pepé to Belgium.

And this won’t be the last... Arriverderci!